• The Aspects Of Stylistics Of Modern Arabic Criticism

      Book Code: 183424
      Pages: 234
      Languages: العربية
      Author: Ibrahim Abdallah Abdel-Jawad, Ibrahim Al-Saafin
      Publisher: كلية الدراسات العليا
      Published: 1994
      Edition: 1
      Place Of Publication: Jordan
This study deals with one trend in modern literary criticism. It aims at recognizing its reality as well as its ramifications, and thus it includes a preface four chapters and a conclusion in addition to the bibliography. The first chapter discussed the origin of style and showed its close relationship with the critical, rhetorical and lingual studies. The second chapter discussed the concept of style as understood by the west, and examined its lingual and literary aspects. It also paid attention to the Arab scholars' understanding of this concept and concentrated on the historical side in defining it through the lexicons of lingual and critical studies, and also in the light of the West's understanding of the style. The chapter also tried to elucidate the concept and make known the concept of style in the Arab heritage as it was revealed in modern stylistic studies in the Arab writings. These followed two ways : the first is represented in the horizontal study of this heritage, and the second in the columnar studies which discuss the concept of style in one of the heritage books. The third chapter revealed some attempts made for renewing stylistic studies. These attempts included the one in " IJaz al-Quran" by Mustapha Sadig al Rafi'i. and Ahmad Hassan al-zayyats attempt in "Difa an al Balagha", and Ahmad al-Shayeb's attempt in The style and Amin Al-Khulis attempt in his Fana al-Qawl. The study in this chapter was based on the extent of the influence of Western studies in renovating rhetoric in light of modern criticism . In this chapter too, one pan was assigned for the study of the components of style. The fourth chapter discussed the stylistic trends, since it discussed the thoughts of Arab scholars in Arabic rhetoric and its meeting with the modem critical thought. Some applied studies were added to these trends, covering aspects of the rhetorical phenomena including the novelty therein. They also covered the comparative stylistic trend since they discussed comparison between theory and application. In addition they also discussed the stylistic minimal trend, which revealed the thoughts of Arab scholars in the light of western thoughts, together with the applied studies, in this field and the stylistic and connective trend is based thoroughly on the applied studies.
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