The purpose of this study is to achieve two aims: The first, submitting the method of eloquence of the Holy Koran in the writing of AL-Rummani and AL-Kattabi. The second, explaining the effects and influences of these two explorers in The Sina tein book by Abi Hilal AL-Askari. The plan of this study depended on the integrative methodology which enabled me to utilize from various methodologies. This study consisted of an introduction and three chapters. In the first chapter, explained the eloquence frame in the fourth century of Hijra through groups of eminent men by whom visible effects have been forming the eloquence frame of that century. The second chapter showed the directions of eloquence of the Holy Quash in the messages of Ruminant and Kattabi, and it talked about both methods which influenced the eloquence of researches which were: Speakers method and literate men method. 'Then it explained the effects of both messages in !Max methods through the exploration of examples and explained instances of that influence. The third chapter concentrated on explaining the influence of each explorer, Rummani and AL-Kattabi in "Al-Sina tain- book. I started talking about the effects of AL-Sina tain book in crystallizing the eloquence frame in the fourth century of Hijra. Then, I explained the effects of both the Rummani and Kattabi in "AL: Sini tain" book, attained to that. Rummani influenced more clearly than Kattabi's t influence, because he particularized the speaking in eloquence of his message other : than the message of Kattabi who discussed the eloquence in his message as a manifestation of the Holy Koran inimitably which was not intentioned for itself.
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