including the paragraph, the text, and a group of texts which he considered as one unit as it is the case in the chapters of the Holy Quran In addition, I have clarified that Al-Razi has a view similar to that of Al-Jurjani in saying that metaphorical speech can be achieved when there is co-ordination between thought and language, i.e., between the cluster of meanings and that of form in the Arabic sentence For Al-Rani, this is the essence of the expression of challenge in the Quran. I have also dealt with the context, the register, and meaning and have pointed out, that to Al-Rail, the meaning of an Arabic sentence is derived foam both form and meaning, in addition to the social, political, and cultural registers. In the third chapter I have discussed the importance of language and its role for the scientists of Osoul Al-Fiqh I have also pointed the special attention the Ashairah Paid to language, especially Imam Fakhr Al-Rani who indicates that Allah is not going to include speech, literal or intended, that cannot be understood by Arabs. Imam Fakir also emphasized that the understanding of a Quranic text is correct if interpretation is agreed upon by Arabs in general. He added that the correct meaning with respect to words and syntax is the one that agrees with the rules of the language. Imam AI-Razi leant towards a creative combination between mind and text. He considered the text as the basis, for one has to stick to the literary meaning as much as possible and that consideration of the intended meaning should be limited within the suits of the language. Therefore, be reinterpreted the vases interpreted by the Batiniyah within this framework and rejected their explanations that transcend the limits of the language. Finally, I have shown the influence of Al-Rags views about language on his philosophy and presented the explanation for the Quranic verses that reveal this influence. In the conclusion, I have presented the results of the study. The major points are summarized below. First, Al-Razi has a special perception of language that can be considered as a general framework for a linguistic theory and the effect of his perception on his logical concepts was common and deep. Secondly, there might be different points of view in the interpretation of a tort such as a Quranic test, and consequently, will lead to variations in the concepts among the Islamic grams These differences are usually based on the different views they have concerning language. These differences can be enacted to the depth of expression of the Quranic text. Thirdly, those groups that based their interpretations either on the literal or intended meanings have their rational; however, those groups that base their interpretations on non-linguistic factor; but on the attributes of Allah mentioned in the Quran compared to attributes of Man have gone too far in their interpretations. Such groups controlled the language in a way that contradicts its nature; and therefore, they are far from being correct.
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