• Poetry of Hamed Ibn Abdullah Al-Gamie "Abou Sorour"

      Book Code: 183898
      Pages: 286
      Languages: العربية
      Author: Mahmoud Ibn Mubarak Ibn Habib Al-Salimy, Ibrahim Al-Saafin
      Publisher: كلية الدراسات العليا
      Published: 1995
      Edition: 1
      Place Of Publication: Jordan
This thesis tried to reveal. to readers apolitical personality from Modern Oman in order to give the image of literature in this country which complements its image in the whole Arab Land. The personality in question is the Omani Poet Hamid bin 'Abdullah al-Jarnil "Abu Sunir" who took the lead in the literary and the Poetical forums outside Oman. This poet witnessed a historical and cultural change in Oman and the aspects of change in this country. He himself was one of the parties of change and it is important to see how lie contributed to the cultural and literary development. The stud in this thesis made use of the critical schools as well as of the hereditary and modern schools. It also made use of the environment of the poet. The thesis consisted of a prethce. two chapters and a conclusion. besides shedding light on the biography of the poet It studied the poet's environment from the historical and cultural sides. The cultural side dealt with the poet's city "Small". and the biography of the poet. The first chapter dealt with the subjects and was thus divided into the following: Love Poetry National and Islamic Poetry. The Local poetry (Penaing to Oman), Elegiac Poetry besides other subjects. The second chapter dealt with the artistic traits of the poetry. This included the stnicture of the poem, its language, images and music. The conclusion summed up the results of the study: sources of the poets and his sentiment aspirations. This accounts for the poet is special interest of boasting in regard to his countiy, besides his singing his national and Pan-Arab convictions. His method was easy and lucid and he dealt with the language in a rather conventional way.
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