This study aimed at knowing the necessary technical competencies for the lenders of the boy scouts in the school of the First directorate of Education as they perceive them, and the effect of sex, scouting qualification, and experience on competence. To achieve this aim the researcher constructed a questionnaire to measure the degree of the competencies, consisted of (50) items divided into five fields as follows:- relegious and nationality, leadership, sport and health, administrative, the scoutic skills and arts. The validity and reliability of the questionnaire were established. The population] and the sample of the study, consisted of all male and female leaders of the team of the scouts in the First Directorate of Education in 1994-1995 in Amman, they are (127), (56) out of them male and (71) females, and to answer the questions of the study, statistical analysis used included: means, percentages, and the t-test. The results of the study concluded that the degree of the necessity of the competencies on all the fields of the study was with very high, the mean percentage rate was (85.29%), and there are no significant differences due to sex; except in the field of "scouting skills and arts", for the benefit of male leaders, and also no significant differences due to scouting qualification and scouting experience. The study recommended the dependence on the competencies list when choosing male and female leaders, and to let the leadership of the scouting guidance teams to leaders who are qualified in socouting and who have longing for scouting movement, and to conduct more studies related to the scouting and guidance all over the Kingdom.
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