• Using Slideshare Program in Education

      ISBN: 2017/9/4710
      Pages: 38
      Languages: العربية
      Author: Dyaa-Alshamayleh
      Publisher: Hawwaz
      Published: 2017
      Series: Hawwaz
      Edition: 1
      Place Of Publication: Jordan
Slideshare was launched in 2006, allowing users to upload files of either PDF, PowerPoint or other types. The site contains millions of files that you can search and download whatever you want. All you have to do is entering the name of the field where you want to find files, such as networks, programming, e-marketing, etc. You can link your account to your account with LinkedIn and Facebook, you can also download the app on your mobile device, and browse all the files from your mobile. This site allows teachers and researchers to communicate through file sharing, presentations, modify them and make use of them according to the nature of their work. Therefore, this book aims to give the trainees skill of using this site and exchanging information among all the participants in the site for the great benefit of the process of learning and teaching for teachers.
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About Author
  • Dyaa-Alshamayleh
    حاصلة على بكالوريوس في هندسة الحاسوب من جامعة مؤتة، وعلى دبلوم تكنولوجيا المعلومات والاتصالات من جامعة اليرموك. لدي خبرة كمنسق ومدرب تكنولوجيا لدى مركز الملكة رانيا العبد الله، وأيضًا خبرة كمشرف ومنسّق إلكتروني لدى مدارس الحصاد.
About Publisher
  • Hawwaz
    Hawwaz Academy for Professional Training allows trainees to enroll in online courses in various educational, academic and cultural fields. The courses are prepared by accredited trainers and developed by content experts to provide a cost-effective and time-efficient e-learning environment which entails e-content publishing, interactive learning activities, practice tests, follow-up and performance monitoring among other features that guarantee high quality of learning outcomes. Furthermore, Hawwaz facilitates accessing learning material anytime and at anyplace.