The research paper is a description of reviewed or invented results that could be determined along quite time, written skills, ethical practice and cooperation with publishers. It includes; title, abstract, introduction, methodology, results and discussion and conclusions. Some of authors divides the papers into chapters that could be different for different journal’s policy. It is preferred to follow-up the journal’s requirements as requested. For good paper, the language should be simple and understood, in addition, some of journals prefers to receive the submitted papers written in passive voice language.
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About Author
  • Prof. Dr. Yarub Al-Douri
    Prof. Dr. Yarub Al-Douri
    Prof. Dr. Yarub Al-Douri is an academic and scientific researcher in Nanotechnology and Renewable Energy, and international appointed trainer. He is a founder of M.Sc. program in Nanotechnology in Malaysia. He has over 440 publications and has been awarded 60 regional and international merit awards. His citation is over 2680. Al-Douri is Editor-in-Chief of two peer-review scientific journals, in addition to Editor and Reviewer of many peer-review scientific journals. He has founded many of research laboratories. Al-Douri has been appointed a referee of King Abdullah II bin Al-Hussein for innovation in Science. He has supervised and examined many of post-graduate students
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  • Hawwaz
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