ISBN: 2015/7/3239
      Pages: 128
      Languages: العربية
      Author: Baha' Mahmoud Abu Abieh
      Publisher: Shareket Almasea Alalamia Ltatoer Almaward Albasharya
      Published: 2016
      Series: Hawwaz
      Edition: 2
      Place Of Publication: Jordan
      Part: كتاب برمجتي هو الجزء الأول من 4 أجزاء

The book is part of a series of books designed to prepare the new generation to learn modern programming languages ​​within a fun and easy framework. The first book focuses on Scratch software, which is an introduction to programming science for young people

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About Author
  • Baha' Mahmoud Abu Abieh
    Baha' Mahmoud Abu Abieh
    Holding an honorary doctorate in training and development, He works as Information System Technical Assistant at UNRWA, worked as IT Trainer at Jordan Engineers Association and as Training & Marketing Director at Futurekids' School Technology solutions
About Publisher
  • Hawwaz
    Hawwaz Academy for Professional Training allows trainees to enroll in online courses in various educational, academic and cultural fields. The courses are prepared by accredited trainers and developed by content experts to provide a cost-effective and time-efficient e-learning environment which entails e-content publishing, interactive learning activities, practice tests, follow-up and performance monitoring among other features that guarantee high quality of learning outcomes. Furthermore, Hawwaz facilitates accessing learning material anytime and at anyplace.